Pain, Interventional, OUD, & Medication management are offered at 6 locations and 10 providers. Please inquire about your specific needs. Our locations provide different combinations of therapies.

Pain Care Centers pain management services include medication management for chronic painful conditions, spinal injections, joint injections, rhizotomy (burning of nerve), Suboxone ® for opioid dependency, and spinal cord stimulation implant. We provide PRP and Stem cell therapy to help with regeneration of damaged tissue.

The outpatient Suboxone ® program is available for chronic pain patients who have developed  dependency. We also recommend behavioral  therapy services through referral to local behavioral counselors.

At Pain Care Centers, we develop a specific plan with components in medication management, physical medicine, and minimally invasive procedures.  Regenerative medicine options including PRP and Stem cell therapy is available to those interested in advanced regeneration therapies.

Pain Care Centers Services

Topical medication

Treats pain by applying it directly to the part of the body where the pain is located.

Non narcotics medication

Non-opioid analgesics include acetaminophen, the most commonly used over-the-counter pain medicine.

Narcotics medication

Opioid analgesics that relieves pain by acting directly on the central nervous system.

Suboxone for opioid dependency

Used to treat narcotic (opiate) addiction. Suboxone is not for use as a pain medication.

Epidural Steroids Injection

Relieves many forms of low back pain and leg pain (sciatica) and help a patient progress with rehab and exercise.

Facet Injections

Involves injecting a small amount of local anesthetic (numbing agent) and/or steroid medication, which can anesthetize the facet joints and block the pain.

Sacroiliac Injections

Designed to diagnose and treat pain and inflammation from sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Hip, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist Injections

Outpatient procedure that administers medication directly into an affected joint. The injections may be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

Nerve blocks

The injection of nerve-numbing medication into a specific area of the body.

Rhizotomy (burning nerve)

A non-surgical procedure which lesions (burns) the nerves carrying pain from your facet joints to your brain.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implantation

A device is surgically placed under your skin and sends a mild electric current to your spinal cord.

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

therapy utilizes platelets taken from the patient’s own blood to rebuild damaged tendons or cartilage.

Pain Care Centers offers a sliding fee schedule. We will treat regardless of ability to pay, and a non-discrimination policy is avaiable upon request.

Please contact our office for more information.